Passenger Elevator

Manual Door Elevator

  • The passenger elevators detailed here are designed to handle promptly and efficiently the transportation  requirements of any type of  building- which  means any traffic condition.
  • They are renowed for fine quality and robust performance.
  • Delivers maximum lifting power with a minimum of effort.  
  • A superior combination of flexibility and performance.
  • It gives benefits of jerk less traveling, economically low power consumption and excellent design.
  • Features: cent percent safety , easy to use an maintain.
Collapsible Door
Imperforated Door
Swing Door and Swing Door Full Glass Door
Load PersonsLoad KgPlatform Edges ‘A’PlatformEdges’B’Lift Well In Side Finished ‘C’Lift well in Side Finished ‘D’Entrance width ‘E’Door typeMachine Room ‘K’Machine room ‘L’Speed MpsPit DepthOver Head
5340125095016001200760Collapsible300+C+300600+D+1500Upto 0.6816004900
854415001200190015008000Imperforated300+C+300600+D+1500Upto 0.6816004900
138841900150024001850900Telescopic600+C+600300+D+1500Upto 0.6816004900

Auto Door Elevator

  • ALLIENCE has been  engineered with full automatic doors.
  • Fabricated with most advanced lift controls, appreciated for their high speed, smooth travel and perfect leveling different types of doors centre opening , telescopic opening.
  • In high density requirements, we can provide grouping of multiple elevators to reduce the waiting time of the passengers.
  • Our proficiency allows us to design and develop passenger elevators of various sizes and capabilities.
  • It gives benefits of jerk less traveling , economically low power consumption and excellent design.
Telescopic Door
Big Visioin Glass Door
Center Opening Small Vision
Full Glass Door
Top Grade Door Machine System
LoadPersons Load KgPlatform Edges APlatform Edges BLift Well In side Finished “C”Lift Well In Side Finished ”D”Entrancewidth ‘E’Door TypeMachine Room ”k’Machine Room ”LSpeed MpsPit DepthOver Head
64081300100017001400800auto300+C+300600+D+1500Upto 1.016004900