Hospital Elevator

  • ALLIANCE Bed elevators a purpose designed solutions for hospitals and renowned for fine quality and robust performance.
  • The entire system is safe and reliable operating steadily.
  • Features:  Accurate open and shut control, stable and smooth.
  • A wide range of car dimensions is available for the varying requirements of a modern hospital.
Stainless Steel Cabin

Light Curtain protection surpasses a new height of safety.

The Concentrative Infa-red ray beams can sensitively probe any entry Person/ object with high safety performance.

Load PersonsLoad KgPlatform edges’A’Platform Edges’B’Lift well in side Finished ‘C’Lift well in side Finished ‘D’Entrance widthDoor type ‘E’Machine Rom ‘K’Machine Room ‘L’Speed MpsPit DepthOver Head
10 to 20680 to 13601200230019003000800 to 1200Collapsible imperforate Auto door600 +C+600600 +D+1800
0.5 to 1.0016005100