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Alliance offer following type of Elevators

Capsule Elevator

Alliance is one of the leading manufacture and capsule lift suppliers. The Capsule lift offered by us is available in various different models….Read More

Passenger Elevator

The passanger elevators detailed here are designed to handle promptly and efficiently the transportation….Read More

MRL Elevator

Machine Room-Less(MRL) lifts are traction elevators that feature a compact motor drive mounted on the car itself. They donot require to build a separate elevator machine room……Read More

Home Elevator

Home Passenger Elevators for Duplex flats & Bungalows saves machine room construction single phase & three phase compact design high quality gearless machine unit…..Read More

Hospital Elevator

Alliance bed elevators a purpose designed solutions for hospitals and renowned for fine quality and robust performance….Read More

Goods Elevator

Alliance freight means a powerful hosting machine, durability to cope with rough treatment….Read More

Automobile Elevator

Car elevators help to alleviate the problem of finding sufficient parking space in busy areas….Read More

Hydraulic Elevator

Looking for alow-maintenance elevator hydraulic lifts provide the advantages of being….Read More


1.) Escalator suitable for hotels, office, buildings, super markets and airports.
2.) The step with can be 600mm, 800mm and 1000mm.
3.) The inclination can be 30 deg & 35 deg.
4.) The alternative function includes VVVF, auto-lubrication & error analysis.
5.) The requirements can be customized.


1.) Automatic inspection status transformation.
2.) Handrail entrance device
3.) Up and down start key.
4.) Emergency button/operation brake control.
5.) Broken step chain safety device.
6.) Comb safety device/protection from over speed
7.) Non reversing safety device
8.) Overload protection
9.) Control device for handrail breakage