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Alliance Elevators & Escalators теперь занимается производством лифтов. Компания претерпела множество проектов.  Компания с единой целью настроена вывести их на рынок вертикальных перевозок. С бумом в сфере недвижимости в новом тысячелетии масштабы лифтового бизнеса стремительно выросли. Лифт стал основным требованием современного человека, который ожидает качества, безупречности и безупречности жилого помещения, торгового центра, а также общественных мест. airport transfer У нас есть опытный техник и такая инфраструктура для обслуживания лифта по самой низкой цене. Наша талантливая команда постоянно работает над повышением качества и высоких стандартов наших продуктов, которыми мы хорошо известны. [/ Vc_column_text] [/ vc_column] [/ vc_row]

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Пассажирский лифт

Детализированные здесь пассажирские лифты предназначены для быстрого и эффективного выполнения транспортных требований любого типа здания, что означает любые условия движения. Они известны своим прекрасным качеством и надежной работой. [/ Vc_column_text]

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Лифт MRL

Machine Room-Less(MRL) lifts are traction elevators that feature a compact motor drive mounted on the car itself. They donot require to build a separate elevator machine room. MRL lifts allow you architectural flexibility.

Home Elevator

Home Passenger Elevators for Duplex flats & Bungalows saves machine room construction single phase & three phase compact design high quality gearless machine unit with latest technology controlling system depending upon the shaft size .

Hospital Elevator

ALLIANCE Bed elevators a purpose designed solutions for hospitals and renowned for fine quality and robust performance. The entire system is safe and reliable operating steadily.Accurate open and shut control, stable and smooth.

Goods Elevator

ALLIANCE freight means a powerful Hoisting machine, Durability to cope with rough treatment, a smooth ride to handle fragile loads, leveling accuracy for easy loading and unloading, and wide doors that maximize in-car space.

Automobile Elevator

Car elevators help to alleviate the problems of finding sufficient Parking space in busy areas, and save on costly land in commercial Spaces.These lifts smoothly transport vehicles to the tops of buildings, or to Basements and showrooms.

Hydraulic Elevator

Looking for a Low- Maintenance elevator hydraulic lifts provide the advantages of being relatively Inexpensive, safe and easy to maintain. They’re very convenient and cost-effective solution for low- rise buildings with low traffic.


Our escalators provide safe, reliable and eco-friendly mobility in shopping centers, airports, railway stations and commercial buildings. Attractive yet robust, our equipment is designed to be equally at home in the elegant atmosphere of commercial .

We Are The Leaders In This Industry

Alliance Elevators & Escalators a key pillar enterprise is one of the most reliable elevator manufacturing company in India. It is a professionalized enterprise that boost a complete product system comprised of all types of elevators and escalators. It integrates introduction of elevator, research & development, manufacturing, export and trade, installation, maintenance, and after-sale service.

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